Walking School Bus Resources

The following resources are intended to be used by schools developing WSB programs.

  • WSB Cover Letter for Interest Survey (.docx)
  • Parent Interest Survey (.docx)
  • Student Registration Form (.docx)
  • I-WALK Walking School Bus Flyer (.docx)
  • WSB Program Guidelines (.docx)
  • Talking Points for Leader Meeting (.docx)
  • First Volunteer Meeting with LPH (.docx)
  • WSB Volunteer Application (.docx)
  • WSB Volunteer Record Check process (.docx)
  • WSB volunteer training (GoTo Meeting webinar)
  • WSB Participant Tracking Form (.docx)
  • Evaluation-Walking School Bus Participant Evaluation (.docx)
  • WSB Coalition Member List (.docx)
  • Spring Teacher Tally Letter from LPH to Teacher for WSB Project (.docx)